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Word’s BlackBoard



For the first time in Tunisia Esprit mobile team have successfully publish a Samsung Smart TV application that interacts with android smartphones.

Word’s Blackboard is a multiplayer game for Samsung Smart TV, controlled by android smartphones that allows you to be interactive with friends and family.

This game supports two, three or four players, so after choosing players numbers you just need to enter the code displayed on the SMART TV screen in your smartphones and players nickname.





The game is played for several rounds, at the beginning of each round , a new alphabet letter will be displayed on the smart TV screen and a timer will automatically start.



Now players have to play by their smartphones using Word’s Blackboard android application, then each player have to send his answers to the Smart Tv screen. There are 6 grids : girl, boy, country, object, animal , food.



The first player who complete the series of words stop the round by pressing on the stop button of the smartphone, in the case none of the player stop the round , the timer will automatically do it within a defined period of time. Then the answers given by all players will be shown at the same time on the smart TV and the smartphones screens.
The next step is to correct fields after a discussion between players and if one of them did a wrong answer he has to cross the unwanted word through smartphones.

The next round starts only when all scores of all players appears on the smart TV screen, then a message will be shown on the Smart TV asking to press enter of the remote control

Players can find also a rules section that details the rules of Word’s BlackBoard :


It’s a great and simple game, players have just to find words beginning with the proposed letter, you can download Word’s BlackBoard android application from this link :


Screenshot_2013-11-28-11-34-14 Screenshot_2013-11-28-11-34-50

Word’s BlackBoard was developed by ESPRIT MOBILE TEAM : Samar Chebair & Sarra Srairi 

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