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Tunisian Story: Why create a story with Scratch is programming ?

Scratch ( ) is a programming language that allows you to create games, simulations or stories without typing the code. It was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

This story was created by two Tunisian students aged 7 years at a computer workshop school scouts. This is their first contact with scratch .

They used concepts and addressed practical programming without knowing :
The concept of code : Behind any program, there is a set of code. So there are two parts: an invisible code to the user part , and the end result is that the program or in our case the animated story ..
The sequence: A dialogue is a sequence of instructions of different types : Say, wait , place …
The agile method: The student begins by creating the first line for each object and develops its program. It tests its code directly improves .

Testing and Debugging : The test program is easy. Simply click on the green flag to start the execution. It quickly detects from errors synchronization between replicas , and bugs in the positioning and movement of objects .

Implementing this idea in Tunisia was first elaborated by Adel Kassah a computer science Teacher who believed in children and in technology. Find more here


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