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TouchDevelop Create your own game! on your device!

TouchDevelop web App is a development environment platform for windows phone 8 mobile devices. With this tool, User can create Windows phone Apps on your tablet or smartphone, without using a separate computer or Keyboard. you can write your own scripts by tapping on the Apps screen.


The Scripts build by TouchDevelop web app perform various tasks similar to regular Windows phone apps such as access data, media, and sensors on the phone, tablet, and PC. it also seamlessly interact with many cloud services like Microsoft Sky Drive, Google Drive, Drop box etc..

Any TouchDevelop user can install, run, edit, and publish scripts. Even share your own script with other people by publishing them to the TouchDevelop script bazaar, or by submitting them as an app to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store.

TouchDevelop is a cross platform apps that compatible with all mobile platform and desktop platform like iPad, iPhone, Android, windows, Mac, Windows Phone etc..

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