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Smart Stadium

Nowadays, stadiums capacity to host fans and spectators, all over the world is being more and more important. That being said, this is the reason why a perfect stadium and its environment management are now fundamental. By having a deep research about the existing applications linked to stadiums’ management, we found out that there are ones proposing specific services like JustPark and StadiumPark which helps fans with just only the parking issue. Bypass is another mobile application that allows spectators to order food from their seats.

In a word, in order to fully enjoy their stadium’s experience, spectators are some kind of confused because of the various and separated provided applications. This is the main reason why we think that a single complete solution must be released for these spectators.

Considering the importance of the exposed problematic, our proposed solution is based on providing spectators with a memorable life experience through a rich mobile application covering all t


he stadium management aspects.

These are our application’s features:

*  Tickets Management :  We provide users the possibility to choose their own seats from the available ones and to buy their tickets online. We also give them the possibility to experience a real time  simulation of their seats position via a 3D demonstration (as VR Headsets). Now, talking about the verification of the tickets once at the stadium’s entry, spectators can just show their electronic tickets (verified by NFC Technology).

*  Parking Management: Visitors have the possibility to find the nearest available parking place linked to the nearest entrance that will guide them right to their seats.

* Social Aspect: At the end of the game, we offer a meeting point to groups in order to not get lost from one another. This feature is done with real time location. We also provide visitors with the possibility to order food and drinks from their own seats before or during the game and to be finally served.

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