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Smart City

DSC_1839Model/maquette de cité intelligente avec composantes électriques (IOT) accompagnée par une application mobile (Android) :
L’invention concerne un prototype miniature simulant une ville intelligente comprenant des composants IoT (carte Intel Edison, capteurs température/son/gaz,…) muni d’une application mobile inter communiquant pour fournir des fonctionnalités aux citoyens de la ville intelligente

Model of a smart city with electrical components (IOT) accompanied by a mobile application (Android):

The invention concerns a miniature prototype simulating a smart city comprising IoT components (Intel Edison card, temperature / sound / gas sensors,…) with a mobile application inter-communicating to provide functionalities to the citizens of the smart city:

– Remote parking.
– Public Wifi Park with electrical outlets in order to charge phones or computers.
– Intelligent store for automatic delivery of products.
– Noise pollution detection.
– Detection of gas.

and other functionalities for the management of the city:

– Economic management of the electricity of the lightpoles (by detection of the passing objects).
– Temporal organization of road traffic lights.
– Automatic irrigation of green areas.

The user can therefore use the application to benefit from the provided services, and be notified in case of danger in order to improve the standard and quality of life, comfort and safety.


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