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Esprit Mobile is specialized in performing mobile communication projects and mobile data collection. We connect our partners to their target groups using mobile phone-based technology. Our customized projects communicate vital information via mobile phones to enable people living in emerging countries to make better and informed choices. Our mobile technology provides scalable, personal, interactive and cost-effective solutions for our partners. It also allows us to measure the impact of our projects by assessing actual behavioral changes. We also specialize in collecting good quality data from hard-to-reach areas in emerging countries. We help businesses to understand consumers’ needs, measuring demands and identifying priorities for product/ service improvement, which are linked to improving customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Through the implementation of at least 70 projects we have gained extensive experience in for example mHealth, mAgriculture and mEducation.


We work in several sectors. Please find more information below illustrated with some of our projects.


This is the use of mobile phone technology for the practice of medicine and public health. TTC specializes in interactive and incentive-based SMS projects, targeting for example HIV/AIDS, malaria and reproductive health issues. Together with local partner organizations we apply mobile technology to address health issues in an effective and efficient way.


This is the use of mobile phone technology to improve agricultural, farming and rural development. Our focus is to provide relevant information for farmers and bottom of the pyramid entrepreneurs via mobile phones. Income, trade and employment opportunities for farmers are improved through the dissemination of production information and market statistics. This results in economic development.


This is the use of mobile phone technology to support and maintain the existing education system. We improve the quality of educational systems by disseminating information, collecting data, addressing accountability and strengthening school management structures. By doing this we involve teachers, school managers, parents, students and the local community.


This is the use of mobile phone technology to educate, engage, and empower people on environmental issues. Through our projects we for example promote environmental protection and aim for environmentally safe disposal and recycling of mobile phones.

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