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Mother Care



Here is another SAMSUNG SMART TV  life style application destinated to new moms and dads :)

MomCare made 150 downloads in the two first days !!

On running MomCare users will find the home page that contains two sections :



By choosing Menu section users will find multiple information that helps mother to take care of her newborn :


Moms can follow the “Mom Guide” section which is a book that presents some advice and they can navigate using the gesture functionnality :


Users can also listing some nutritional diets that takes care of moms health of course :


And the most important section for babys is the “Breastfeeding”, this section presents  breastfeeding practices, the healthy breastfeeding positions and the most important breastfeeding ruels :  Presenting the best breastfeeding practices,



As we know every new mother needs to retrieve her fitness !! MomCare offers exercices to help her :


Finally you can find in the about section a little description of this application that was developed by ESPRIT MOBILE TEAM : AMINA KHALFAOUI & WALID CHAMTOURI   About

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