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Mohamed Khalil ZENDAH first KNX ETS4 basic certified professor at ESPRIT MOBILE

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Mohamed Khalil ZENDAH KNX ETS4 certification

The world of home and building control “speaks” KNX. Several millions of successful KNX installations can be found not only all over Europe but also in the Far East, North and South America – a proof of just how attractive the KNX approach is. Over 370 KNX member companies worldwide offer more than 7.000 KNX certified product groups in their catalogues, from different application domains.

For this reason, many ESPRIT MOBILE professors focus on KNX basic certification, to build a full KNX skilled team teaching the KNX fundamentals. In this context Mr. Mohamed Khalil ZENDAH was the first ESPRIT MOBILE Engineer, and associated professor who get the KNX ETS4 certification. This is certainly the first step, and the best is yet to come.

ESPRIT MOBILE attend to offers both basic and advanced certified KNX training courses, as prescribed by the KNX association. This means that there is no need for you to travel overseas to become KNX certified – you can get the same quality training and certification right here in TUNISIA.

ESPRIT MOBILE attend to offers students the unique opportunity to create a basic KNX Robot, and mobile applications, using the commercial elements. Students will also learn to integrate commercial robotics platforms into the Standard system. Students who successfully complete the final exam will receive a globally recognized KNX Partner Certificate.




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About Mohamed Khalil Zendah

Computer Science Engineer, Associate Professor @ESPRIT, Mobile Developer, Member @GoogleDeveloperGroup - GDG Tunis, Member @SECURINETS, Member @ESPRIT Mobile Association
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