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We got bored of the usual known means of publicity. Seeing a video through our tv or computer’s screen and looking at flyers everywhere. It’s time to add a life to what we broadcast. Holography is the best mean to make the publicity special, attractive and more interesting. To make that happen, we conceived the Hologram for publicity. The project offers a website that allows the client to authenticate in order to get an account and upload the video that will be displayed for his publicity at the end. After uploading the video, the admin has two choices whether to accept or to refuse publishing the video in the profile of the client. In case the video would be accepted, the designer makes his work to edit the video in order to make it ready for the display. And the final video will be finally uploaded in the web site. The client authenticates at the end to the web site of the smart tv which is loaded through the use of a raspberry pi card, choses his video in question and finally watches the result as a hologram.



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