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Galaxy Share

Companies are looking to improve their method of work their meeting. so, we

proposed a dashboard localized on a touch screen which is based on the agile scrum

method and gives the opportunity to multiple users to collaborate between themselves.

Each member of the team will be able to connect his devices to the touch screen

connected with dragon board 410c ecteronic card then collaborate to the other

members of the teams everyone from his own devices.

In our project we aim to organize more meetings so we thought about the design and

realization of a project containing a touch screen on which we can display files,

whatever their types, wished to be shared in the meetings By several employees

instantly) starting from their smartphone or tablet … we wanted to valorized even

more our project so we went further to be able to organize even more work missions

and meetings in society so we want to adopt the agile scrum method Which can serve

almost every domain in hence the design and development of a web application

backoffice and FrontOffice.

In the following we will explain the workflow and above all we will detail the use of

this touch screen and we will detail the explanation of each part in our project:

Designing and developing a web application dedicated to the agile scrum method. In

the backoffice part the project manager must select the employees included in this

project and associate to each user his appropriate tasks. In the FrontOffice section (the

Dashboard will be displayed in the meetings)

It will display the project name, the users that are included, sprint backlog, product

backlog, task tracking (done doing and to do), statistics and all that pertains to the

project, scrum method and history of Each user (all the interactions that he has done).

Design and realization of an embedded application whish we find an electronic card,

linked with a touch screen on which will be displayed the web application and on the

other hand we can instantly see files and data saved in folder named "Shared "Found

in every mobile terminal that have already installed our mobile application before and

connected to the same local network as the card without the intervention of the user.

You will find the design and development of a mobile application as soon as this

application is installed. A folder named "shared" will be created automatically. Via

this application, the user can share other data other than the files found in the "shared"

folder with one or more other users connected at the same time to the card.

It can also manage the progress of these tasks (done doing and to do)

Each user who has already installed the application receives a notification as soon as

it is close to the card asking him if he wants to connect his laptop to the same network

as the card if he confirms it is that the card will automatically Access to the "shared"


In this project there is also a network part:

We will create a local network in which our card will play the role of an access point

the laptops and tablets of the employees of the same project will be connected to the

same access point.


In our project, we are going to take a lot of interest in the security part this is the most

important part and what the big companies look for especially in their big projects so

this will be the part on which we will rely even more


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