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farming Robot

CNC farming Robot that can grow a variety of vegetable all in the same area at the same time while each plant is cared for in an optimized and automated way and needs a specific  amount that based on its type its age and soil conditions the local weather and growing preferences.

By growing many types of plants at once your garden will benefit from the natural advantages of crop rotation, while you and your family gain from a healthy and varied diet.

Using the onboard camera and advanced computer vision software,our machine diligently monitors your garden, detects weeds as soon as they emerge, and then buries them under the soil.

With the soil sensor, the new paradigm can show you how your garden changes over time enabling smarter, more efficient farming with each passing season.

You control and configure the robot using a powerful web-based interface, so no coding is required to grow food. With the sequence builder and scheduler, you combine the most basic operations of the machine into custom sequences for seed injection, watering, and even whole regimens for taking care of a plant throughout its life.

 The drag-and-drop farm designer allows you to graphically design the layout of your plants for a game-like experience Also we have the seed injector, watering nozzle, soil sensor, and weeding tools to cover the basics of food production.

The machine core electronics include the Raspberry Pi computer,the Arduino MEGA microcontroller, and a RAMPS shield. Combined with powerful NEMA 17 stepper motors.


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