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ESPRIT Explorer 360°




Esprit is one of the important private schools of engineering in Tunisia. The university needs a way to present it and a virtual tour has been decided to be the best way to do it. It recently asked us to produce a tour that shows it different buildings with the virtual reality feature added.

Thanks to Esprit Explorer you will discover Esprit in a unique and interesting way.

Just carry your VR that will allow you to immerse yourself fully and launch the application that has been filled with information about teachers, clubs, trainings, …


Additional values

  • Movibility
  • Object interaction


Target Impact





New Student

It helpes us to discover the diffrent builds of Esprit quickly
This project pushes us to become an Esprit’s student
This project gives us an idea on the type and importance of projects carried out at Esprit
It gives us an idea on some teacher and activities of Esprit


Old Student

This project helps us to move in buildings in an immersive way
At the start of the year it can helps us on having an idea on our teacher and colleague
Having an idea on the menu so we are not forced to go to the cafeteria just to have a look on what we cane at today


Having an idea on out student
Having an idea on the capabilities of our student
Allow students to test and learn new technologies
Visitors Improve the image of Esprit
It gives us an idea about the level of students at Esprit
It gives us an idea of the pedagogies used in Esprit


the team

the team



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