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E-Dash is the name of our project that boils down to automating the process of mixing aromas to obtain an “E-Juice” for electronic cigarettes smokers.

To do this, the project was divided into three main parts:

1- Web part : Realize with Spring to offer a back office for our project and to generate the necessary services for our mobile application.

2- Mobile part : Realize with Android to offer a mobile application, which not only made it possible to offer an “E-Liquid” recipe sharing space and browse all the information about the “E-Juice” for the users, but also it provided a connection To the

E-Dash device, which we designed and manufactured, to create the desired “E-Liquid”.

3- Embedded part : Design and implement a device that could communicate with our mobile application and ensure the self-mixing of flavors while guaranteeing accuracy on a milliliter scale. The device contained an Intel Edison board and specific hydraulic pumps.




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