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Downloading is the transmission of a file from one computer system to another, usually smaller computer system. From the internet user’s point of view, to download a file is to find a source (another computer or from a web page on another computer or a server), to request the download and receive the wanted file. We have detected a major problem in this process, the internauts (internet user’s) is included in all the deferent phases of the downloading process, so he must be fixed in front of his laptop to manipulate the downloading process (launch, pause, stop, or decline) . What about manipulating the download from a Web and mobile application to distant storage support? In our solution we provide a device “THE DOWNLOAD-BOARD” that can be connect to internet via WI-FI , which is using an SD card port so you can connect your storage support that will contain your downloaded data. We provide also a remote configuration and access via Web and IOS and Android Applications so you can connect it to a specific WI-FI, and select the file that “THE DOWNLOAD- BOARD” will semi-automatically download.

DSC_1867                         DSC_1865

DSC_1844                         DSC_1854

DSC_1859                         DSC_1862

developed by :

  • Ahmed CHEBI
  • Atef AZZOUZ
  • Aymen Ben HABIB
  • Jihed Ben YOUSSEF





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