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Chimera Mirror …. Smart Mirror

CES 2017 wasn’t the year of the smart mirror – but it was hard to ignore the things lurking about around the edges of the show. The phenomenon has been around for a while now, mostly as concept or Arduino-driven DIY projects, but manufacturers have clearly seen the rise of the smart home as an opportunity to really push the concept toward mainstream acceptance.

A smart mirror is basically a mirror with a screen behind it. That screen can be an Android tablet or a computer monitor. Naturally, a monitor will make for a larger mirror. It’s also a great way to repurpose an old LCD monitor. But you can’t cram a full computer in there, unless you use a Raspberry Pi.

This project is mostly dedicated for families and groups of people that lives a the same house and shares a same content

Every user has his own personal space, where he can customize it, pin notes to mirror, search and play videos online and add them to his favorite list.

It allows family’s member to get notified in real time if it detect an intrusion into the local

The Voice Controlled Smart Mirror : You can actually interact with Chimera smart mirror by talking to it like an Android device.

Chimera Mirror can change your life ….


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