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Book Scanner, Scan your Books !

Project description:

The project “Automatic Book Scanner” consists of scanning a whole book even with many pages automatically and quickly without the intervention of human.

Book Scanner

Book Scanner

This system is a practical solution for companies with huge archives. It allows them to avoid the numerous shelves and persons who are in charge of their management. In result it permits them to avoid the waste of time to classify the documents and to look for the definite paper.


The technique of this system is to put the book open on the inferior side of the support and the flipping through, which is composed by a brushless motor that moves the worm and the cam body to allow the gradually scanning papers; page by page. In the same time, the camera, which is fixed on the superior side of the support and opposite the considered book, takes images of each page. Then with cardboard application we can process the images, convert them on the desired form and store them on the database.



An android application will control this system by pushing the button “start” after making the setup, which contains the serial of the device, the number of pages and a small preview on the book to verify if the camera needs some adjustment.


the team

You can follow the progress of the scanning with the display of the current page.

When the system finishes the process a notification will be sent on your smartphone, therefore you can visualize, download or share your files.

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