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BlackBerry licenses Amazon Appstore


BlackBerry announced 19 june, that the Amazon Appstore will be available with the launch of the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system this fall. With more than 240,000 Android applications in the Amazon Appstore worldwide, BlackBerry 10 device customers will gain access to popular apps such as Groupon, Netflix, Pinterest, Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft.


  • Appstore Developer Select provides enhanced merchandising to improve discoverability. Qualifying apps receive 500,000 free mobile ad impressions across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.
  • Developer Promotions Console enables you to run pricing promotions, monitor results and adjust pricing options.
  • Amazon Coins incentives reward customers to improve conversion.
  • Free App of the Day is a curated promotional opportunity where Amazon offers one paid app to customers free each day.

We understand this is a significant change in our developer ecosystem strategy, and we are committed to working with you to make sure you understand the changes – and the opportunities.

If you desire, BlackBerry and Amazon will provide support to help you migrate your BlackBerry applications to the Amazon Appstore this summer. Developing for the Amazon Appstore will enable you to quickly and easily reach a larger user base.

It’s important to know that the agreement with Amazon is essential in terms of aligning our developer strategy with our corporate strategy, which is focused on delivering the industry-best enterprise mobility solutions.




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