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Battle of the Caribbean:Build & Conquer …. New Generation of video game

Build & Conquer:

Build & Conquer is a role based strategy game that uses Intel RealSense technology to scan a sand terrain and use its depth information to construct a grid system where the cost of each cell is calculated according to the height of the sand in that particular location. Every player has 5 warriors, each with a different number of points. These points will be used to navigate through the map while taking into consideration the cost of each tile. The players will take turns strategically placing their warriors across the map and attacking the opponent’s units. The winner is the last man standing.

Battle of the Caribbean:

Battle of the Caribbean uses also the Intel realSense technology and it is a game inspired from a naval campaign waged during World War II that was part of the Battle of the Atlantic, where the players use ships, to hack and reach their opponents ,meanwhile every player has his own tower base/ tower defense, if the tower detects the arrival of the enemy , the tower will defend itself and shoot the enemy’s ship.


The project is composed of two multiplayer games. It is composed of a pot of sand, a video projector, an Intel RealSense camera, a Computer that acts as a server and a controller and games unity. The Players will manipulate the game they want to play by a joystick.

The controller is a mobile application. The game will be projected by the  video projector on the box of sand.

The project is realized so that the players will make shapes with the sand before starting to play.

When the camera detects these shapes, it will convert them to values so that the game take them into consideration and make the necessary change.

The game will be installed on the computer. It is necessary that the mobile phone on which the application (joystick) is installed and the computer are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.


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