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Aurora, the dream-enhancing headband

Lucid dreaming—where you are aware of the fact that you’re dreaming and can control elements within your dreams—has been recognized by science for thousands of years. I suppose it was inevitable, then, that there had to be an app for lucid dreaming, and iWinks is delivering that with an “appcessory” called Aurora. Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Aurora promises to let you use the power of your smartphone to take control of your dreams.

In Control

The basic idea behind Aurora is to make you aware you’re dreaming without waking up, allowing you to become lucid during the dream itself. By becoming aware, you can control your dreams; you can choose to fly through the air or discover Atlantis, all from the safety and comfort of your own bed while getting a good night’s sleep. The accessory portion of Aurora consists of a headband with embedded LEDs  that can induce this conscious state while you’re dreaming.


In order to induce this state of lucidity, the Aurora headband measures and monitors your brainwave activity and eye movements so it knows when you’re dreaming. It then uses the LEDs to promote lucidity without waking you up, which is a problem that can occur when attempting lucid dreaming. The headband is Bluetooth compatible, so you can control it via an app on your iDevice. Set your dreamscape on your iPhone before you fall asleep, then enjoy the night. The software controlling the Aurora will also be compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android devices with Bluetooth capabilities, so you can control your Aurora experience from multiple devices.


In addition to supporting lucid dreams, Aurora can also act as a better alarm clock. When you’re awakened from a deep sleep you feel groggy and less than alert, even if you had been asleep for the full night. Since it’s monitoring your sleep patterns, Aurora can wake you up at a time that’s best for you based on your current state of sleep, preventing that jarred-from-slumber alarm experience that’s a daily part of life.

Pledge Levels

Aurora is in no danger of missing its funding goals, as it’s well over 80% of its funding goal with over a month left in the campaign. There are still some great pledge gift levels, however, starting at just $160 for an Aurura unit or $15-$25 for some Aurora swag. Levels include:

  • $15: A poster-sized print of a lucid dreaming infographic.
  • $160: Later Bird Special price for a finalized Aurora, which goes up to…
  • $175: The regular level for an Aurora thank-you gift, once all the early specials are finished

Head over to the Aurora Kickstarter Page for full details of the Aurora or to back the campaign, and check out the iWinks blog for more details on lucid dreaming.

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