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Academic projects of ESPRIT Tunisia : Let’s meet (Facebook 3D project on Oculus Rift)


ESPRIT Mobile is a team of professors/researchers at ESPRIT school of engineering Tunisia. During every academic year, ESPRIT Mobile team has the mission to work on cutting edge technologies with a special field of student engineers called SIM ( acronym for French “Systeme d’Information Mobile” ).

Following a project based methodology, teach four students gathers to work on an academic project during 9 months. Mentors and students work together to shape a meaningful project using Mobile Centered latest technologies and concepts ( IoT, robotics, embedded systems, Virtual Reality…etc).

Let’s meet

The number of users of all social networks is a significant rise and the competition between the providers of those services is very intense, each one of them is trying hard to keep his clients and even trying to take over others’ clients, but what have they been doing to achieve that? Some of them are trying to get the attention of the clients by adding new features regularly. But none of them is a permanent solution.

‘Let‘s meet’ is a 3D application offering to user the possibility to get inside a 3D virtual world using Oculus headset, in this world the user will be able to discover a new way of using the social networks. As a matter of fact, the user will be seeing a virtual 3D world divided into several sections, each section represents one of the Facebook services (friend list, pages, groups…) with the ability to perform all kind of actions related to the service (chat, comment, share, like…)


  • Our application is mainly based on audiovisual aids techniques due to several indications within the environment allowing the user to establish written and movement interactions.
  • “Let’s Meet” has been conceived and developed with a major optimization reducing its weight in terms of increasing the response time so that the user won’t be waiting for so long in order to remain faithful to the virtue of social networks.
  • To meet the needs of user comfort we have designed an environment with high ergonomics guiding the user with clear and simple indication so that he can easily fulfill any interaction.
  • Knowing that Facebook has bought the oculus Rift headset and considering his notoriety within worldwide society by scoring 1,750 millions of active users. We consider that ‘Let’s meet’ may have major impact and the scope to reach over millions .We have made a survey over 22 persons (not necessary expert in this kind of technology) about how many online communication users and what they will expect from this virtual network in the future and it happens that a majority of 55% uses Facebook,30% Skype and 15% others. So, for Facebook users they suggested a 3d video Call, a virtual world where users can meet via virtual reality device. For that we came up with the concept of our project that will fulfill these needs. After exposing our project a majority  said that it is a huge idea and may be a revolution in terms of technology and  a minority said no because they can’t afford it.

This project was implemented by the engineering students Ben Abdallah Sawssen, Hammami Sami, Oukhay Hamed, Aroua Ahmed Taha under the supervision of Mrs Wiem Hjiri as a mentor

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About Zayen Chagra

Associate professor at ESPRIT: Private High School of Engineering and Technology in Tunisia. He is among Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) 2013. Starting 2012 he joined ESPRIT MOBILE team to have as vocation developing and coaching: Windows Phone/ Windows 8, Java ME, Flex/Air
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